Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shoe Spotting : Charles and Keith

Last weekend, I went shoe spotting. Yup, spotting and not shopping. I need to hold back everytime I see a pretty pair I fall in love with. I seriously need to curb my shoe addiction (slightly). Despite the fact that I chose not to take anything home with me, I was happy just looking. That's how much of a shoe hag I am.

CHARLES and KEITH is one of my favorite brands. I love the price points because they're really budget-friendly without sacrificing look or quality. I tend to hoard whenever I'm in Singapore because they're about P300-P500 cheaper there even when they're not on sale.

I drooled over these at the store. They're just so perfect for summer and I can imagine wearing them with just about anything. I'm really a wedge girl when it comes to heeled shoes. None of these pairs costs over Php 2,500. That's what I mean by budget-friendly.

Then I walked over to COMPLEX to check if they had anything new. Last time we were here, we got these Sperry Topsiders. 

The Sperry brand is really so back

I can't decide if I want the red canvas ones (left) or the pale pink ones on the right.
Both styles are at P3,795 each.

Issues, issues ... 

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