Thursday, May 3, 2012

Clothing Staples

  A quick peek into my closet to look for a white shirt that I haven't been seeing around made me realize how stubborn I've been all these years. I've been buying the same types of clothes over and over again. I've tried being adventurous more than once, but I always end up with the usual stuff shortly after.

My closet is overflowing with these!

My FB page is personal but those of you who are in my friends list there would have noticed by now how I'm in stripes in 8 out of 10 photos I share. Lately though, I've been cautious about stripes because some tend to make you look bigger.

I started collecting pique polo shirts years and years ago. They're the easiest to wear because you hardly need to iron them and they'll go with anything. I know some people who say that this shirt type makes you look boyish. That really depends on what you're wearing overall. I remember going on a trip once and all I had were pique polos then different types of bottoms (mini skirt, jeans, shorts). They're really so flexible. Best brands would be Lacoste and Ralph Lauren because the material doesn't get old right away.

Tunics are quite forgiving, especially if you get one that's loosely-cut. Unlike empire styles, they won't really make you look pregnant. The ones in the photos are from Tory Burch and I 'm hoping to have one from her line sometime soon. Some local brands, the ones that also carry swimsuits, are known for their tunics and they aren't bad at all.

At work, I used to be in dresses 80% of the time. I simply throw on a cardigan or light jacket to help me deal with North Pole-like airconditioning in the office. I ditch the topper and I'm ready for a casual dinner or coffee date after business hours. I can even wear them on weekends with flat thong sandals or my favorite pair of ballet flats.

And finally...

A gazillion pairs of shorts and skinny jeans! Skinny only, mind you. No bootlegs but a few straight cuts, still bordering on skinny. I have a long-term love affair with them and now I want the pastel-colored ones as well. 

Tell me what yours are!

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