Monday, May 7, 2012

Cooking Mama Challenge Day 1 (lunch)

This only usually happens every August. So why is my yaya not around? She had to go home to the province to attend her son's graduation from high school. So for the next week or so, call me 
Cooking Mama.

Disclaimer : I'm not a kitchen person. In fact, the kitchen doesn't like me so the feeling is mutual. But I do know how to follow recipes and I welcome the challenge each time I'm forced by circumstance.

Yaya left very early Saturday morning. But we usually find ourselves out on weekends, so I didn't have to spend time in the kitchen at all. Ergo, today is Day One of the Cooking Mama challenge. 

I'm so not into the kitchen. It was past 10am when I realized I hadn't even thought of what to serve the kids for lunch. Thank God N isn't here and won't be having his usual lunch at home. That's one less critic to feed hahaha.

And since it's my kids who are gonna be having lunch with me and it was late when I started preparing, I took the easy route.

A few pieces of chicken and a small-sized tilapia for myself
I rubbed both of them with salt and pepper then made them sit for half an hour

Then I coated the chicken pieces in bread crumbs, which you can also use to make Tempura. I don't really like other brands that taste like they're overloaded with unhealthy stuff. You can use cornflakes, too, if you want. Naks, feeling kusinera.

Deep fry the chicken until it turns brown. We use only Canola Oil and Olive Oil at home. 

Hooray! Success! 
Meaning ... not sunog. Har har har!

No photos of the tilapia because fish is fish LOL.

Already looking for a shrimp recipe for dinner. Bring it on!


  1. haha.. nice one ate!

    here's my version of the breaded chicken..

    breast fillet cut into pieces
    coat with salt & pepper
    coat the chicken either with flour or cornstarch
    beat an egg and dip the chicken
    coat with japanese bread crumbs
    then fry as usual..

    mukha siyang tempura talaga.. hehehe..

    google mo ate garlic shrimp! easy lang yun!

  2. Thanks, Chel! Will try it with the egg next time :) Speaking of shrimp ... I did my own version of Garlic Shrimp for dinner. Watch out for my update :)