Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No Price Tag on This

Last weekend was busy. We had an (garments) Export Overruns Sale at home which was our first venture. Then on Sunday, we had to be in school to support the girls. Thanksgiving mass at 730am (yes, you read that right!) then Sabine's Talent Fest. In the afternoon, Anissa's dance crew (Terpsichore) guest performed in one of the programs. The school fair was also ongoing and as expected, I had the task of going on the rides with the 6-year old. N is my exact opposite when it comes to these things. Whenever we find ourselves at a theme/amusement park, you can be sure I'm on all the scary rides with either my children or our nieces and nephews, but never ever with him! Anyhoo...

Since it was too hot to be outdoors, I told Sabine we would go on 2 rides : the one that looked like Anchors Aweigh and the (ever present since my time) Caterpillar, no more than that. She had been wanting to go on the Octopus but HELLO. The thing looked like the same one I used to ride in High School. No improvement at all. So that was a huge NO. Then she said she wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel. Sorry, baby, Mommy likes scary rides but only likes the FAST ones. Slow rides make me really dizzy and can trigger a Vertigo attack. I'm being honest here, unlike N who keeps saying his back is painful every time I mention the words roller coaster. Yeah, right. Blah blah blah.

It was scorching hot because we got out of the complex after the Talent Fest at almost noon. But looking at these photos reminds me of how worthwhile it all was. I can still hear Sabine screaming every time the Caterpillar dipped. This girl is quite the daredevil, raising her arms on the Anchors Aweigh ride when it was our turn to go up. 

They say it's the really cheap kind of thrills or the super shallow moments that touch and warm your heart as a mother/parent, and I would have to agree. Especially if these moments always end with a, "Mommy, that was so much fun! I wanna do that with YOU all the time! I love you, Mommy ko!". Which is what Sabine told me as we left the fair, hand in hand. 


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