Friday, January 11, 2013

Parenthood on Breast Cancer

I've been hooked on this show for quite sometime now, since a fellow TV series addict told me to watch it. Recently, in the 4th season, one of its main characters, Kristina Braverman (played by Monica Potter) was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a wife and mother to 2 children in this series. 

The episodes following that revelation have reduced me to tears each time, thinking of my own journey and how it's affecting all of my loved ones. But there's a huge difference between Kristina and myself, as far as this life-threatening illness is concerned. She didn't take the diagnosis so well. She was angry and in denial for a while. Plus, she suffered terribly from the side effects of chemotherapy. In one episode, her husband even allowed her to smoke pot to provide some comfort from the nausea and all the crappiness that chemotherapy can make a cancer patient go through. 

I can't help but feel so blessed, because after 3 cycles, I can happily say I've never been a total wreck like she has. I had my 4th cycle today and people say the side effects will be a bit more difficult to deal with this time. I'm nervous but I'd like to think that I'm prepared. 

In this latest episode, Kristina finally shows up minus hair. I can totally relate! 

Breast cancer is so real. It's there and it's affecting more and more women as the years progress. 

In fact, my Mom texted me tonight, saying that someone from her church group informed them she had just been diagnosed with cancerous growths in one breast. There are apparently more than one but she's only had a mammo and a breast sono so far. The next step would be to do a biopsy. It's an all too familiar feeling for me. The news immediately brought me back to that fateful day in August 2012 when I was told I have breast cancer. I can only pray that things will turn out for her the way they did for me --- one miracle after another since diagnosis. I now have one more name to add to my prayer list. 

I have a new friend who also had her mastectomy and reconstructive surgery yesterday. She's slightly younger than me and has 3 kids. I'm sure the number will keep growing. If only I could convince every woman in my circle to be more vigilant about it.  

I kinda had to stop watching this episode earlier, because I was afraid of ruining my outlook just before my chemo at 1pm. Time to finish what I started.

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