Monday, January 7, 2013

HK Streetfood at Eat Fresh

I think I first saw a post about Eat Fresh on Twitter via Mommy blogger Jackie. We pass J. Abad Santos Street in San Juan quite often, as a short cut to Quezon City where my sister-in-law lives. So I had seen this place before.  Truth be told, it doesn't look so attractive from the outside. You probably won't take a second look or even wonder if it's a place worth visiting. But you know what they say about looks being deceiving, right? I honestly wouldn't have given it a thought if I hadn't seen photos of what you can eat there. 

I found the perfect opportunity to go there last Saturday, after coming from Sabine's routine pedia check-up in nearby Cardinal Santos. I can't live without merienda (afternoon snack) and by the time we left the doctor's clinic at around 3pm, my tummy was starting to ask for sustenance (I swear, I am the only chemo patient I know who eats like a pig). 

First thing N and I observed was the parking limitation. You park on the street, if you're even lucky to find an empty slot. The street is busy, by the way, with many other eating places nearby. 

I didn't know at first that you can actually dine in. From outside, all you can see is a carinderia style facade, so I was under the impression that they only entertain take-outs. (Sorry, I have no pics of the place, I was too excited to eat --- oink!)

I'm weird because this was the very first thing I wanted to try. It was so good, I had to order a 2nd one to bring home with me. 

White Almond Gulaman, P28.00
Now for the main event. Take note that we were there for an afternoon snack. I'm just like my Mom, so exaggerated sometimes when it comes to ordering food. So we ended up with a doggie bag hehe.

Just the way they're done in HK - on sticks!
We had a hard time deciding because the choices were so extensive for these. Biggest letdown? Fishballs were out of stock. BOO. So we ended up choosing Squid Balls, Lobster Balls, Crab Fingers and later on, Fried Siomai. Priced roughly between P25-P35 stick. 

Special Squidball Soup P115.00
HK Noodle Soup P125
The soup servings are quite generous. If you're not starving or don't have a voracious appetite, two people can actually share it. Since it was our first time, we made the mistake of ordering one each. Lesson learned for our next visit. 

Since we left the place, I've been wondering when I can go back HAHAHA. My wish is about to come true. We're taking our close family friends tonight before they fly back to Singapore. 

Eat Fresh HK is located at 691 J. Abad Santos St. in San Juan
(from Wilson Street going towards P. Guevarra, hang a right on J. Abad Santos where Gloriamaris Restaurant and Alex III are)

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