Monday, January 21, 2013

Spotted Online : Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances

I take my hat off to everyone I know who started out by visualizing a dream and then making sure it comes to life. It takes someone with drive and dedication to do this. I have so much respect for backyard entrepreneurs, which is why I am really into locally-made stuff nowadays. I myself have a dream but due to my health issues which I have to prioritize, it had to take a backseat for a while. I can't wait to finally give it that one huge push into the spotlight.

Anyway, my friend Koi and I have been talking about our respective plans since last year, while working together for The Francis Magalona Foundation. I am so happy because his dream has finally taken off! 

His baby was officially born last year. How soshal is the logo?? I'm proud to say I'm one of those he consulted before finalizing this hee hee. Just had to brag a bit.

The Scents

Currently, Koi is preparing for his Summer collection and I had to suggest citrus-sy scents which I really, really love! (You see, I foresee my summer to be really festive this year because I'll be done with my chemo treatments by March!)

He will also custom make a scent for you if you wish! How's that for a nice Valentine idea? 
*insert lightbulb moment here*

From the menu of scents, guess which one I chose? If you know me well, you can guess the answer.

Tadaaaaa! I got it in the 30ml bottle because I was so sure I would love the smell. 

Congratulations, Koi! You deserve a million pats on the back! 

On Facebook, go to Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances to order.  

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