Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goals Goals Goals

I know this is rather late. I should've done this as my first entry for 2013, right? But it's still the month of January so I have an excuse. I've been thinking about my goals for this new year, but there are changes that have to be made to my previous ones -- the ones I wrote down or mentally noted before I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August last year.

My initial list looked like this :

7th Birthday Party for Sabine
17th Birthday Celebration for Anissa
Expand Yellow Bird Shoes (my pending shoe business)
Look into a clothing business (kids clothes)
Travel with family 

And so on, and so forth ... 

Of course, those will still have to be on the list somehow. After all, life goes back to normal for me when my chemo treatments are over sometime in February. But being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness really changes you in a way that's hard to explain. It's like being brought to another realm where everything is so much more hyped. Even the little things matter so much to me now. Nothing is taken for granted. My mind and my heart are as open as can be. It's just so ... DIFFERENT.

I have a deeper appreciation for everyone and everything. Suddenly, life is 100 times more precious!

The past year was truly challenging. I'm so glad it's all over. Even before it ended, I was already looking forward to the new year, because in my heart of hearts I knew it was going to be a better one for me and my family.

But you know what they say, it's not all up to God. We must do our share. So here's mine. I'm making a plan ... goals that are Spiritual in nature, to help me achieve the kind of year I want for myself and for all of my loved ones, including the many others I care about. 

Let me start off by answering this question:

What are you going to do this new year to draw you closer to Him?

I will start each day with a heartfelt prayer, after reading a bible verse. (I've already started doing this and so far, I'm able to keep it up daily. Once it becomes a habit, that's it!)

It really helps to start your day right. Whatever thoughts you have when you wake up usually dictate the tone for the rest of the day. I'm still not perfect. There are days when I just don't feel right and it takes more than the usual effort to be cheerful (especially when the kids don't cooperate). But I know that if I keep trying, I'll get there and it'll be as easy as 1-2-3.

It'll spill over from here. When your day is right, your week becomes right. The months follow and before you know it,  your entire year is good! 

Raise your hand if you agree!

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