Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cheap Find : Sugar Kids Shoes

It was my Mom who first bought a pair from Sugar Kids for Sabine a few months ago. I was so amused because the style was so cute and I was even more amused when I saw the price tag. It didn't cost more than P300. My Mom has gotten a couple more pairs for Sabine since then. But because I don't really go to SM unless I absolutely need to, I was only able to see their styles for myself yesterday. I had to go there to grab a pair of violet knee high socks for a costume that Sabine had to wear to a school program today. After trying out several styles, she zeroed in on this one. Yup, I can't decide on shoes or clothes for her anymore, especially when she's shopping with me. She likes choosing her own stuff now. Sigh.

The shoe's upper is made of canvas, the piping and bow accents in faux leather. This pair cost me a little less than P500 and they look so good on her. I have to admit, most of her choices render me speechless. She really knows what she wants! I would've gotten a couple more pairs for her but they didn't come in their size anymore, plus we were rushing. 

I know this pair might not last very long, not as long as her Crocs, because of the very friendly price. But if she gets to wear them 6 times or more, I'll be happy. The price points on this brand are perfect for growing feet like hers. Will definitely grab more next time I'm in an SM Dept. Store.

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