Saturday, January 26, 2013

Meet The New Make-Up Kit

What a relief to finally find something that suits me! I've looked online and in the malls and always ended up either disappointed or in doubt. I've never bought anything from RenegadeFolk before. They have so much in their website but this was love at first sight.

2 roomy zipped compartments for everything I need and a little bit more. I didn't take a photo of the 2nd compartment but it's where I put my brushes so they don't all have to be in one place, elbow to elbow.

I chose the one with the leopard print just because :) 

There are, I think, 4 other accent colors to choose from : gold, gray, teal and orange.

P499 for something that's so functional. I'm glad I waited to find the right one. 

If you're a small purse person, then this might not be the kit for you. I've always been partial to big bags, big enough for a weekend getaway. Perfect!


  1. I spy your lighter Patty!! #teehee

    1. Your comment showed up! And just for the record ... no lighter hehehe.