Monday, January 28, 2013

What happened, AI?

When did I stop watching American Idol? As soon as it ceased to be a talent contest, I guess. 

Let me backtrack ... 

Kelly Clarkson
Reuben Studdard
Fantasia Barino
Carrie Underwood
Taylor Hicks
Jordin Sparks
David Cook
Kris Allen
Lee DeWyze
Scotty McCreery (eeew eeew eeew)
Philip Phillips

From Kelly Clarkson to Jordin Sparks. Those are the seasons I watched every week, from start to finish. Those were the seasons my work colleagues and I would talk about non-stop even in the office, short of placing bets on who would be sent home on a particular week. After Jordin Sparks won, my interest in the show went downhill. 

After that year, my excitement seemed to dwindle, and it did a little bit more with each succeeding season. This year, I haven't seen a single episode. I'd rather start watching a week or two before that final night at the Kodak Theater. 

Who are the judges this year? I keep seeing Mariah Carey's name in tweets but I'm not sure. That's how updated I am haha! I noticed, too, that ever since Simon Cowell left the show, a lot of my one AI-addict friends have said, it's just not the same anymore. I would have to agree! 

I like Jennifer Lopez. I admit, she was the main reason I watched some of last season's shows. I always wanted to see what she was wearing or how her hair was done.

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I'm not exactly a fan of Paula Abdul but I really miss this bunch, don't you? 

Anyway, the new season just started. I'll catch up when it's down to the Final 3.