Friday, January 18, 2013

Exercise? What's that?

I've been taking my Oncologist seriously. Everything she says is gospel truth to me. The only thing among her orders I haven't followed is to exercise regularly. Yeah right. Me. Exercise. I don't remember ever doing so in my entire 44 years. The one time I joined a "walk for a cause" event was over a year ago for work and it was, ironically, to raise awareness on breast cancer. I suffered silently in that walk with a huge bottle of water in hand. It was a loooooooong walk. I had never walked that much before, but it was for a good cause. It hasn't been duplicated.

The other day, N was texting with my Onco when she checked if I had been exercising. Hee hee. We all know his answer to that. She again reiterated that I can start by walking twice a day, once in the morning and then after dinner. I started doing it after dinner last night. It was cool, literally. The weather has been really nippy and good for walking or jogging. Can't jog though. Still not feeling 100% normal after chemo cycle 4 last January 10th. Anyway ... 

I did it again this morning YAY! I'm rejoicing because I didn't give in to being lazy like I always have these past years. Oh by the way, I live in a guarded compound, a small community or a village if you can call it that. I really have had no reason whatsoever not to do brisk walking since it's absolutely safe. 

I even got a treat because I ran into a neighbor whom I haven't spoken to in a while (and whose daughter is the same age as my Anissa). She had heard about my breast cancer and we chatted about it while walking. And did I mention that I developed a cold and sore throat? The walking should do my immune system some good, Onco says. 

Update : she ordered a CBC yesterday to check on my WBC level and as expected it is waaaaaayyyy below the acceptable level. I need to get that booster shot today AND another one on Monday. This nippy January weather (23 deg celsius or 73 deg farenheit, as I type) and my low immune system don't go together. Bad bad bad combination! I've been munching on orange slices these past few days and drinking more water than usual - a challenge for Patty, the water hater! 

Hope you're all in for a great weekend! 

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