Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekday Wedding

My niece-in-law (N's niece by his 2nd cousin) got married on a Tuesday morning with Sabine as one of two flower girls. We had no choice to but to ask that Sabine be excused from classes that day. It's a good thing she had just gone back to school, no major lessons or tests missed. 

Leejay and Arman's church ceremony was to begin at 10am, at the San Antonio de Padua Church in Marikina. I had never been to this place before but I was pleasantly surprised. The church was quite simple but I enjoyed the fact that although there was no airconditioning, it was located high up on the lot it stood on, so it was airy and fresco

My flower girl waiting for instructions from the wedding coordinators on where to position herself for the march. Don't you think her dress is so cute? It's not your usual flower girl dress. In the car on the way home from the reception, she told me that she really liked it because it didn't feel itchy. So cute and honest and I agree. She can use this dress again and again. I also love that they provided the wrist corsage with a tulle flower on it as accent. It was a bracelet, also meant to be reused. Props to whoever came up with this practical idea.

Some of the members of the bride's immediate family. From left to right : her sister, Qai who was Maid of Honor, FOB Kuya Ricky (cool blue pants!), MOB Ate Mayette (I loved her gown, watch out for the next pics) and the bride's niece - and my grand niece horrors! - Dana who was a Junior Bridesmaid. 
I really should be more conscious about the way I stand in photos. I look so awkward here!

The MOB's gown --- so very Hollywood-y! 

Here comes the bride! I can't believe it's my and N's nieces who've been tying the knot lately. 
Gaaaaaahhhh we're old! But it's always so nice to witness these milestones from our point of view. 
Sigh. Young love, sweet love.

More photos ... this time from the reception

The set-up ... simple but consistent. I've seen the photo set-up in a few other weddings before. The couple sits on the couch and there's no table hopping for them. The guests go to them on the stage and have the group photos taken there. Why didn't anyone think of doing this a long time ago? I remember having to take my shoes off at some point during the reception because my feet were killing me from going around the ballroom having my picture taken.

The Cake - which I unfortunately didn't get to try. Again, simple yet elegant.

More details I took note of ... 

Crystals dangling from the topiary, pompoms hanging from the ceiling, personalized napkin holders

The group shot before we decided to make our exit. I was rushing off to another appointment and so was my SIL (beside me in blue). 

Last but not the least ... 

That requisite shot before actually leaving the venue haha!

My jersey magenta dress is from Cole Vintage, the studded black leather and gold clutch is from Tonic (technically belongs to Anissa, but Mommy borrowed). I would really rather have that Prada Saffiano my SIL is carrying hee hee!

Anyone else getting married soon?

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