Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Who remembers Jane Seymour? I remember watching Somewhere In Time over and over again because I loved the team up between her and (the late) Christopher Reeves aka Superman.

Today, she's 61 years old, just a year younger than my Mom. 
But look!!!

Has she had surgery? The article would've said so. Therefore, I think the answer to that is a NO.
My first thought? This is absolutely unfair! Hahaha! I suddenly felt so ashamed of my body as a 44-year old. No matter what you say, I will not look like this in a Herve Leger dress. Not even if I wear Spanx! OH EM GEE, she looks absolutely gorgeous! 

Wish ko lang that I look this good when I'm in my 60's. Yeah right, without exercise? 

Jane Seymour, you rock! 

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