Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Prom Update : The Dress

A little over a month to go before my big girl's big day (aka the Junior Prom) and we've ticked off one major task : come up with a dress design and choose a designer to execute it. 

She's had all these ideas in her head and in her iPhone for quite sometime now so we had a basic design in mind. All we had to do was bring it to the designer and ask for his inputs. Last Saturday, my SIL and I, along with both our girls who are classmates this year, drove to Quezon City to meet with the person we chose to do their dresses for this much-awaited occasion. The guy (sorry, I won't disclose his name just yet because I'm selfish hehe!) has been doing my SIL's in-laws' formal dresses for years now. I've seen some of his work in photos and one particular dress my SIL wore to a cousin in-law's wedding last year. I wasn't disappointed, so I went with the idea. 

After making us choose from 3 different sketches, here's what we agreed on. It's pretty simple and maybe, there are other girls who chose the same cut and design. I can't be extremely petty about this because there are about 300 of them in the batch. The important thing is, she gets the dress she wants. I'm sure she'll be able to wear it uniquely, regardless of how many others will have one shoulder bared that night. The material swatch for the upper portion of the dress is attached to the sketch. She really is no longer a little girl. I would've chosen a shade of pink for her hee hee. But I was careful not to stick my nose in too much, only sharing my opinion when I was asked. This is HER dress, HER event. I'm lucky enough she wanted me in the Prom Committee because that means I'll be there on the night itself. Otherwise, I'd sit at home like the many other Moms who can only wonder about what's going on. 

I'm both excited and nervous for her, mostly the former. I can't wait to take her to the salon for hair and make up but wait, we need to buy shoes first! We've argued about this before because I told her she would have to wear heels this time (she absolutely hates high-heeled shoes unlike most of her friends who walk so well in 4-inch stilettos and platforms). But the designer took her side and said he thinks glittery ballerina flats will go really well with the dress design and the fact that he intends to use 15 yards of tulle for the outer skirt. I was overruled! :p

I'm so glad we got this part out of the way and the designer is now happily shopping for fabric and embellishments. We'll have our first fitting on the last week of January.

More on this soon!

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