Saturday, September 8, 2012

Apartment 1B with Friends

This was one overdue meet-up/get-together. These girls have been wanting to take me out ever since Daddy was cremated. We finally did it over lunch yesterday. But because we waited too long, we had one more reason to see one another. 

I've only eaten in Apartment 1B once and in the old branch. Is that in Salcedo or Legaspi Village? I can't even recall. Anyway ... the one in One Rockwell looks so much more cozy. I didn't take much photos because this really isn't a review of the place or the food. I don't need to do that because I don't know anyone who doesn't love Apartment 1B. 

Prayer Warriors uhmmmmm ex-Globe Division? 
But one of them still works there hahaha. Yes, I worked in Globe for a good 4 years --- 4 of the most stressful YET insightful years of my corporate career. Maridol, Ailene and I (and many others) had countless smoke breaks together ... our way of taking breathers from the demands of telco work. Sorry, I'm digressing. Back to Apartment 1B.

Here's what I decided to eat

French Onion Soup --- OMG can I just say this is one of the best I've had in a very long time. All that gooey, sticky cheese on top literally took me to heaven! 

My main course --- Vongole, so perfect! My plate was so clean, it looked like I licked everything off of it. Nakakahiya!!! Hahaha!!!

My kids, especially Anissa who has grown-up taste in food, will love it here. 

And yes, other than the delicious food, what I loved most about this place is that it goes down in history as the place where all three of us gathered for the first time in years 


High Five, friendships!!! 

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