Friday, September 28, 2012

Bye for now, long hair ...

It was good while it lasted. I've always had short hair but when I decided to grow my hair 4 or 5 years ago, I didn't think I would be able to maintain it. I played around with it a lot and had it rebonded three times. I also had several color changes until I arrived at the last one, my favorite. 

It wasn't difficult to make the decision to cut my hair short again. My main reason? I wanted to prepare for the hair loss I will surely experience during chemotherapy treatments. Also, with my left arm being only 60% useful at the moment, it was so hard shampooing, conditioning, drying, fixing my hair which had already grown up to my chest, the longest it ever was. 

This photo was taken sometime in 2008 before I decided that I wanted long hair, for a change.

I had an 11am appointment at Emphasis Salon in Rockwell today, with our (mine and N's) favourite senior stylist, Mary. She's the one who gave me all my pixie cuts before. I could tell she was somehow excited to do it again after so long.

Nervous ... nervous. I have to confess that when Mary started to cut, I wanted to cry a little.

Finally, after all that snipping, Mary said the length of the hair she chopped off was around 10-11 inches. Before I could ask, she brought up the idea of donating my locks. How cool is that??? Of course I said YES! Apparently, there is this guy who lives in Cebu, whom they are in touch with. It's his personal mission to create wigs using donated hair from the salon. The wigs go to foundations that in turn donate them to cancer patients.

Less than an hour after I sat down, tadaaaaaaaa! I can't believe how "light-headed" I felt haha! Mary did a good job, as expected. She has never disappointed us in all the years we've known her. 

So this is going to be my hairstyle until the time my hair starts to fall off (my Oncologist said, this usually happens 2 weeks after starting treatments). When that happens, I hope I'll be strong enough to deal with it. Plus I pray that when my hair grows back, it will look better than before! I've been told that the hair goes back to "virgin" state. I wonder what that feels like?

To sort of distract myself while Mary was cutting, I opted to get a mani-pedi and I came across an old "friend", Essie Jelly Apple. One of the nicest red shades I've ever used.

When I got home, I tried to fix my hair to see what other things I could do with it. I changed the part and got instant side-swept bangs. Not bad! Is this better than the way Mary fixed it at the salon? Atleast I know I have 2 options.

Sabine said she looooooooves my new hairstyle and it looks like Justin Bieber's hair. Hahaha! She is so adorable!!! (I think I'm liking this style better)

Best part of my day?  That's my suking masahista, Jane. It's been a while since I called her. Unfortunately, super bitin ako because I still can't lie on the bed face down. She had to massage my back while I sat on the bed. Not quite the same. 

I now feel so ready to enjoy the weekend, starting off with the La Salle-Ateneo game tomorrow afternoon. Yes, I asked permission from both my surgeons if I could watch "live" and they said go go! One of them though told me not to get all worked up. I know what she means hehehe! 

I'm glad I got this task over with and I have a little over a month to enjoy my new cut. 

Have a fantastic weekend! God bless us all!