Friday, September 28, 2012

Feels Like Christmas

Please don't remind me that there are only X number of days to go before Christmas. I seriously don't know how I'm going to get any shopping done this year. I'll be starting my treatments soon and will have to really put a limit on the times I want to step out of the house, to avoid being exposed to germs.

But speaking of the holidays, it's been feeling that way because friends from everywhere have been sending me gifts, cards, whatever they can think of, to express their support. 

Other than this box of Red Velvet cupacakes, Sheyz also sent me home cooked pasta and cookies. Wow! So much food coming from just one person haha. 

This Caramel Cake from Estrel's was from the family of Sabine's pre-school best friend, Misha. Her parents, Mike and Sharie and siblings, Richard, Kelly and Wayne! 

I wish I could take a photo of each of the gifts I've received so far. I've also been given rosaries, mass enrolments, "get well soon" cards. It doesn't really matter what they give or whether they do. It's the thought behind each gift, each message, that really counts. 

Dear Lord, thank You for always making me feel your presence by sending your angels everyday!

It's Friday, people! Can you smell the weekend? 

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