Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Yesterday's Rainbow

Who doesn't know the story of Noah and his ark? The flood, remember? And after the flood left, God sent the rainbow as a sign of hope for everyone to see. 

I got out of the car yesterday upon arriving in school to pick up Anissa. I normally don't look up in the sky except to check if it's gonna rain but I did ... 

Seeing a rainbow never felt as good as it did yesterday. Corny? Not when you're in my shoes. 

Oh, and I indulged in this while waiting

Nothing beats the taste of dirty ice cream talaga!

Up to now, Sabine doesn't get why it's called dirty ice cream. She's always asking me if it's okay to eat it and if her pediatrician won't get mad at her if she does. Awwww you so cute, baby ko!

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