Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Day That Didn't Start Right

I was looking forward to going back to The Medical City this morning because I was going to see my doctors. Dr Basa wanted to do an ultrasound on my axilla (errrrr sorry folks, sige na nga, kili kili) to check for any fluid retention. Dr Asedillo said she would take out the stitches on my tummy and, of course, check on the reconstructed breast as another follow up. 

We left the house at past 11am because the ultrasound was scheduled at noon. As we were making a left on Edsa from Shaw Blvd (north bound), we noticed many people making usyoso because obviously, something had happened in the Shaw Tunnel below. We wondered how bad it was because there were literally sooooo many people hanging around. I remember checking on my Twitter timeline but there was nothing there. A few minutes later, we were on the Ortigas Flyover. It all happened so fast. There was a motorcyle a few feet in front of us and then it stopped ... right in the middle of the road. It just stopped and it was too late for us to avoid it. Our driver jammed on the brakes but that didn't help. We ended up hitting the back part of the guy's motorcycle and the impact sent him flying then he landed on our car's hood. 

I was in total shock and on the verge of tears. It was scary and I had never seen anyone get hurt and so up close at that. I literally felt my heart jump! Anyway ... all's well that ends well. The guy on the bike was miraculously okay and he even appeased me and reassured me that he wasn't hurt. 

As soon as I got to the hospital, I immediately looked for Dr Basa because I was around 10 minutes late. She proceeded to check on me and when all that was done, she asked me to call N who was in the waiting area. Test results were out. These are the results we've been waiting for since the surgery 2 weeks ago. 

See that word? NEGATIVE. Wait. It really should be 


These phrases were just itching to blurted out. But I had to hold back because I was in the hospital and there were other patients outside. I could've jumped for joy, but my wounds are still here. N wanted to cry, in fact, I just know he did as soon as he had the chance to. I know I did ... while having lunch by myself in Pancake House. HAHAHA. Good thing the only available table was in one quiet corner, away from most of the customers. 

The day is about to end and I'm still overwhelmed. I happily told Anissa about it tonight and told her to say a prayer of thanks before she goes to sleep. I, on the other hand, said my "thank yous" even before I left the hospital after visiting 3 doctors today. 

Yes, I met the Oncologist referred to me by Dr Basa and yes, I liked her. Moving forward! 

Let me just end my day (and this post) by saying this ... 

Since this journey started, I have not just felt but seen God work through family, friends, my doctors, the nurses who took care of me during my confinement, even strangers. He has never left my side. He has answered all my prayers without conditions, despite all of my shortcomings. I've been humbled from the start and I'm truly thankful for all that I've gone through so far. 

I'm far from the finish line because I need to do 6 cycles of chemotherapy starting next month. But now more than ever, I know that God is on my side. 

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for your Divine Mercy and your infinite and perfect love!!! 


  1. Thank God both you and the motorcycle rider's ok! He sure was understanding given the close call. So happy with your result! God worked his magic in you. Keep that faith of yours strong! :-)

  2. It was really quite a scare. I can't imagine what would've happened to the guy if it was one of those buses that hit him. Thank you so much for the concern! :)