Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good Morning, I'm Home!

Today, I woke up to very familiar surroundings. The smell of my Daphne Home Scent (Lemon Tart), the sound of N's snoring, the light moans and groans of the two girls as they were getting up to get ready for another school day. I didn't have all of these for a week. 

In the hospital, it was the guy who delivered my breakfast, the nurse who would come in to take my blood pressure and temperature or drain my "grenades" (as the nurses would call them) or the residents who checked on my wounds, who would greet me "Good morning, Ma'am".

I still have to stay in bed for the most part. But I don't mind being on bed arrest, if it means that in a few days my wounds will be okay and I feel a lot less handicapped. My left arm is pretty useless at the moment. I'm too scared to move it so much. Even walking to the bathroom is done in slow motion. Not gonna risk anything. I just really, really want to feel 100% well again!

While I really cherished all the TLC I was given at The Medical City, there really is no place like home.

Thank you, Lord, for waking me up today and for allowing me to start my day surrounded by loving faces and familiar surroundings.

PRAISE GOD I'm home!!! 


  1. There really is no place like home! :)
    And you have disqus na! I can comment kahit nasa work ako! hehe

  2. Yes, I have Disqus na thanks to you and Trisha hehehe :) But guess what, some comments still need moderation and when I approve them, they don't appear. So I guess those commenters didn't use Disqus. What to do kaya?