Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meeting the Plastic Surgeon

I may be wrong but it looked like I was the only patient that Dr. Catherine (Yen) Asedillo had that afternoon, September 4. It was a blessing because I always feel slightly uncomfortable when I know I have so much to ask the doctor and people are lined up outside waiting for their turn. 

Dr. Asedillo is a Plastic Surgeon and she specializes (is that term even correct?) in aesthetic, reconstruction and burn surgery. I obviously fall under the 2nd category, since she will be one of 2 surgeons working on me very, very soon. 

She was very thorough and this is a quality that a first-time (slightly nervous) patient always looks for in a doctor. She explained everything to me in a "language" both N and I could easily understand. I am now well-informed, all the way up to post-op care. I'm sure I'll have to go back to her at some point to clarify or ask to be reminded about certain things but she practically explained everything to me last Tuesday. I left her clinic knowing I'm in good hands --- it is SO IMPORTANT to feel this way about your doctor/s. After all, you are essentially laying your life in their hands for a few hours!

Breast Reconstruction is still not that popular in the Philippines. It's more a standard in the US and Europe, I think. My main reason for deciding to go with this, simultaneously with the mastectomy? My children, preferably Sabine who's only 6 years old and who still takes showers with me. I can't imagine what it might be like for her to see that Mommy only has one breast instead of what she's so used to seeing. (the Doc actually teared up when I told her this awwwww)

Anyway, now I know more or less what it's like for women who have undergone or regularly undergo plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons. All I can say is, it takes so much guts and resolve! I'm undergoing it as a supplement to another surgical procedure. But those who choose to go under the knife for the sole purpose of looking good? I salute you all! Seriously, no judgements! 

Up next ... the lowdown on what's going to happen next week...

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