Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Time : Kenji Tei Greenbelt 5

Next to Ukkokei which I haven't tried, I've been wanting to go to Kenji Tei. I finally got the chance to do so last Saturday for dinner.The place was full. Good thing my brother and his girlfriend were there earlier and were able to grab a table without much fuss.

I was hungry by the time we arrived! 

The Crispy Chicken Teriyaki which I totally loved!

I ordered a bowl of the Shoyu Ramen to split with my brother. Then we all feasted on Crispy Chicken Teriyaki, Gyoza, Ebi Tempura, Yasai Itame and Agedashi Tofu.While waiting, I looked around and noticed that there weren't a lot of Japanese nationals around. They say that a surefire sign that the food is good and authentic is their presence. All good though, I was hungry remember? I could care less as long as the food was to my liking.Someone once commented that service was slow. Fortunately for us, it was satisfactory that evening. It was neither slow nor fast.

Mi familia! 
Eating out is always so much fun with them. Kenji Tei was a good experience. I enjoyed all the dishes we ordered. Except that the ramen didn't really impress me. Did I choose the wrong kind? I'll probably try something else next time.

Kenji Tei is on the 3rd floor of Greenbelt 5, Makati

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