Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cara Mia Gelateria (Ayala Triangle)

I don't have to have ice cream all the time. It's not a permanent fixture in our freezer at home. But we ARE dessert freaks and when we feel the need for sweets, we run to the nearest option. 

Last night, after dinner at Wee Nam Kee and while walking back to the car, we passed by Cara Mia Gelateria (also owned by Amici, I believe). And because I wasn't too happy with dinner, I had to have something to save the evening. Gelato was going to be it!

The minute Sabine saw the place, there was no stopping her. 
Gelato, Mommy! Ice cream! I want ice cream!!!!

It's always so difficult to choose when you stare too long at the chiller. 

So I went for one of their best-sellers, also because I've been missing Ferrero so much. 

My gelato didn't disappoint!

N went for his usual Pistachio. When was the last time I had gelato here? I was kinda surprised when they said a scoop costs P80. Then again, I think this is already a standard for most local ice cream brands.

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