Friday, February 15, 2013

V-Day Highlight

Yes, I'm not big on Valentine's Day. The thought of it approaching doesn't excite me. Last night, walking through the mall before going home (had dinner with Mama), I spotted the lone flower shop in Eastwood Mall and how unbelievably busy it was. People lined up to have last-minute bouquets arranged. The place looked like Divisoria, no joke. I hold on to my opinion that this day is terribly, terribly overrated, just like Wee Nam Kee and J.Co Donuts. 

But because my 6-year old has no idea that Mommy is not a huge Valentine fan, every year she gives me/us something, and regardless of how I feel about this occasion, she never fails to melt my heart.

Mama (Momsie to my kids), gave them art supplies for Valentine's Day and this is what Sabine decided to do with hers. Awwwwwww! It now proudly stands on top of my shoe cabinet inside our room -- haha, until I find a more appropriate place for it! 

And because we had a mass in the morning before moving Daddy's ashes into the crypt, she decided that she wanted to wear this outfit. "Mommy, it's Valentine's Day that's why!"

Whether you celebrated it outdoors, at home or in places I can't mention (hee hee!!!), I hope you all got a kick out of yesterday and maybe even a kilig moment or two! 

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