Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wee Nam Kee (Ayala Triangle)

Is this chemo brain I'm experiencing, or was it really my first to try Wee Nam Kee in Manila? I remember one Sunday in December 2 years ago when the whole family decided to take the kids to see the Ayala Triangle Christmas Light Show and planned on dining there after. Didn't happen. The place had just been opened and it was packed with people, the wait list was long and Daddy didn't want to wait. I don't remember ever attempting to eat there after that night. So yeah, I'm thinking last night was my very first time. 

It was unusually relaxed for a Friday Saturday (now THIS is chemo brain working!) night. Have people gotten tired of it? My Tita (Mama's older sis) was craving for Hainanese Chicken and even though I seriously wanted to Poco Deli next door, I had to give in to the senior citizen's craving heehee!

This jumped out of the menu when I read the drink list. Some people have told me that Barley is good for cancer patients (let me research more on the benefits and blog about it later on in Grace Anatomy). 

Iced Fresh Barley Juice. My taste buds approved.  

I can't go to an Asian restaurant and NOT have Hot and Sour Soup. My entire family knows that more than any other kind, this is what I always always prefer to have. It's nice when restaurants offer it on their menu in single servings, because not everyone likes this. 

And then ... this is what we really went to Wee Nam Kee for 

Hainanese Chicken

When I mentioned that I wanted Roast Chicken too, the order taker suggested that we order these two variants, combo style. Smart move on his part, props to him.

Roast Chicken
Sabine wanted noodles but while reading the menu, she suddenly exclaimed, "What??? No Wanton??!" Hahaha! I swear this not-so-little-girl of mine has her own mind and always knows what she wants. Out of frustration, she refocused her eyes on other items in the menu and (I don't know why but) she zeroed in on this

Roast Pork

I took one look at the Roast Pork and got dizzy, I had to skip it. 

This entry is not a review of the restaurant nor the food, but I have to say, I expected a lot more. I kept thinking of Boon Tong Kee and how much we all enjoyed the food there the last time. Sadly, the food in Wee Nam Kee transported me directly into a food court. It surely felt that way. Please, please improve on this. Wee Nam Kee in Singapore really blew me away and I went back many times because it was so good, I didn't care if I was eating on a bangketa

I skipped ordering the usual Cereal Prawns. Do you think I should have? 

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