Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spotted : Chloe-looking Sandals

I spied this sandal inside the SM Department Store last night, while Anissa was going around and looking for the ultimate Prom shoes and purse. 

I walked past it at first, did a double take and went back. This is what always happens when I see a shoe I like. I scrutinize every bit of it, from the stitching to the material, to the heel. If I see anything wrong, it's not a go. But this particular sandal passed my test. In the past, I'd be first to shun local brands, saying that they never last long and don't give you value for your money --- sorry, but I admit talaga. With local brands, it was always "you get what you pay for". That is no longer true today. With brands like this levelling up and really improving on their styles and quality, I've given more attention to them than my foreign favorites.

Unfortunately, they didn't have this in my size plus the priority last night was not shoe addict Mommy, but Prom Girl Anissa. At P1,800 a pair, however, I doubt if I can still snag this next time. Very reasonably-priced considering the workmanship. It's really a style that Chloe made popular. See?

I obviously have a thing for neutral-colored shoes (and black and gold). Hee!

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