Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shakey's : An Old Reliable

Having Shakey's pizza always takes me down memory lane, no fail. I spent so many Saturday and Sunday afternoons at the old Shakey's branch in Greenbelt (yup that's how old I am haha!). The parentals have always considered Sundays to be sacred and it's been that way for the longest time. It was mass at noon then lunch, then a movie in Quad (now Glorietta) or grocery shopping in Rustan's. Somewhere in between, the kids would get hungry, of course.

My favorite flavour of all time? Garlic and Cheese. They recently changed it to Ultimate Garlic and Cheese. I sometimes get the feeling it doesn't taste exactly the same as the old version I've gotten so used to. But I love it anyway, more than all the other new flavors they've introduced. I don't really give a crap about the others. For me, Shakey's is synonymous to Garlic and Cheese and vice versa. I'll never have this flavor elsewhere.

It's so cool that my kids know what Shakey's is. That's how long they've been around. It's even cooler that the 6-year old's favorite is also Garlic and Cheese!

Just look at her taking the first dive. After dinner, half of this pizza was still good for taking home and she said, "This is mine okay? I'm taking it all home with me." 

Yup, we'll always be Shakey's fans. We have the Shakey's Supercard which allows us to do a BOGO (buy one, get one) each time we call for delivery and we're on our 3rd card :) 


  1. Is/was that the same Shakey's where if you go outside and walk across a grassy area, you would find an aviary with a green net enclosure?