Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cheap Find : Studded Duffle Bag from SM

The search for the ultimate prom shoes and purse took Anissa and I (and Sabine and N) to SM Department Store in Megamall last Monday after school and her training. While these were the priority, we couldn't help but look at other stuff on display and just as we were ready to leave after paying for our prom-related purchases, we spotted these

Even from afar, they're quite eye-catching because of the studs. The price tag convinced Anissa even more that she wanted one. I did, too, but sigh ... #buhaynanay ... the kids always come first. 

Then it was a toss up ... did we, errr, she want the black or the blue/violet? The beige one wasn't too inviting, mainly because it will obviously be a challenge to maintain. 

Eeenie meenie miney moe ...

This is what she ended up with after a few minutes of indecision

While Mommy would've automatically chosen the black (because wala lang, I'm really safe that way), but this blue one ain't so bad. In fact, the longer I stare at it, the prettier it gets. I'm not too big on the color blue haha. 

The damage? Less than a thousand, just P999 to be exact. Warrants a happy dance, right? A note though ... this can't be a handbag, it's more like an overnighter. Really just the right size for spending a night away from home. 

Patting myself on the back for this awesome find :) 

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