Friday, February 1, 2013

Cheap Find : The Neighborhood Salon

Of late, it's become a habit to have my nails done at home. There's been a huge boom in home-service type nail and spa services and I've gotten so used to the convenience of not having to dress up, get into a car, get stuck in a traffic jam just to go to the nearest nail salon. They bring everything to you instead. My choices have always been (according to preference): 

Nails At Home - but lately, it's been so difficult to get my technician of choice. I guess she ended up being everyone's first choice as well. That's how good and nice she is. 

Celebrity Nails - because the service they extend is always up to standards and they have a lot of branches. They've never ever said they don't have anyone available when I call them.

I Do Nails - that is, until they decided to put up a salon in Eastwood and focus on that instead.

I suddenly realized that I've never had the most convenient option of all, which is a freelance manicurista or a friendly (aka super cheap but decent) neighborhood salon. When I say neighborhood, I mean something that's really close by and doesn't charge an arm and a leg for basic services.

Until ... I decided to ask a friend who lives a few streets away from me, just to check if she knows of such a place. Guess what? That same night, around 730pm I excitedly went off for a much-needed mani-pedi, at a never-before-seen (by me) salon just 5 minutes away from where I've been staying for the past 17 years. Talk about ignorance! In all fairness to me though, the place apparently just opened its doors in August last year hehehe.

Look at what I ended up with. Bright red nail polish, no murdered nails, a really clean application, all for just P130.00 plus tips for two girls. So cool! 

Those of you who live in the Mandaluyong area and would like to know where this place is, drop me a message at I'll give you full contact details and location, if you ask me. 

And oh ... the red nail polish I'm wearing is from a blast from the past brand --- Caronia! Being a small and conservative establishment, I didn't really expect to find Essie, OPI, Orly, China Glaze and the like in their selection. I love red nail polish and I didn't really mind trying this out. It's the perfect red shade. 

I wonder if I can go back for that P160 foot spa this weekend. Hihihi!

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