Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Battle of the Chicken Chops : Serenitea vs Cha Time

When the whole bubble/milk tea brouhaha started, I immediately found myself drawn to the Serenitea brand. Then came Cha Time, Happy Lemon (my least favorite of them all), Cha Dao and what have you.  Today, Serenitea remains to be my top choice for milk tea. Other than my usual Hokkaido with pearls and 50% sugar, I sometimes also order their snacks.

Their Chicken Chops is TO DIE FOR. I’ve always had to have more than just one order of it. N doesn’t really fancy it so … yay! More for me! Sabine thinks it’s a bit peppery for her taste and Anissa, well … she doesn’t really care much hahaha. So yeah, I’m the only addict in the house.

Yesterday, I was craving for some milk tea. I don’t have it as often as I used to which was WEEKLY. In fact, it’s been probably over a month since I had a glass. But the driver was going to get Sabine from school and the only convenient place on the way home was Cha Time in Pioneer Centre. Not really a bad choice because I like their Cha Time Roasted Milk Tea too. But I also wanted something to eat for merienda, so I asked the driver to get me 2 orders of their version of the Chicken Chops. I’ve never tried them before despite their offers so this was my chance.

Flavor-wise? The taste is very similar. I guess that was really the objective on Cha Time’s part ya? To compete directly with Serenitea’s chicken. Texture-wise? Serenitea’s is crunchier, it has more breading. In terms of serving though, I would have to say that Cha Time wins. The serving is slightly more generous, it’s like a whole chicken breast fillet in there. Their prices are in tune with each other so that’s really not an issue.

So who wins this contest? (a contest I created in my bored mind hahaha) It’s Serenitea of course. Why? Here’s why…

See all that white meat? I loathe white meat. I’m not exaggerating. This is one of the few things N and I agree on nyahaha. Seriously! We will not touch white meat with a ten-foot pole, it’s just too boring and bland. The Cha Time chicken had too much white meat, I ended up not finishing what I bought, ergo, I really just wasted my money. Sabine kinda liked it, because she was dipping the pieces in ketchup, but I don’t eat ketchup --- another story.

This was a lesson learned. Serenitea is still it when it comes to Chicken Chops ... and Peppered Corn ... and Peppered Fries. Their friggin' pepper is the secret!

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