Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Prom!!!

Ever since I got involved in Prom preps as a member of the Parent-Homeroom Collaboration Team in Anissa's school, people have asked me if I'm more excited than my daughter. A parent's excitement is totally different. But yes, I really was. In fact, today, days after the actual Prom, I have a hangover of sorts. I'm sure Anissa and her friends do, too.

Despite having slept soundly after, I still feel exhausted. The days leading to the event were particularly stressful. On the day itself (last Saturday), I didn't have a driver for the most part. Anissa still had dance training in school from 9am-12nn. In between that, Sabine and I went to Megamall to buy the bouttonieres for her date and her BFF's date.

On the night itself, I had to be there of course, as a Prom Committee parent. We all had to work! By the time I got home, I was exhausted beyond words. But it was all worth it. Not all mothers are given the chance to really be part of their daughter's Junior Prom. I was there and I witnessed it first-hand, that's why I feel truly blessed.

I was both kilig and sentimental. Let me share with you a moment from that night, when the Event Organizer asked me over dinner, "Is it really such an emotional time for you Moms? Nakaka-iyak ba talaga?" Here was my response ...

I guess this is part of the "letting go" process, seeing them so grown-up and interacting with boys like it's almost 2nd nature, realizing that this signals the start of many more similar moments until the process is complete and they're on their own. (Sabay kuha ng tissue sa purse hahaha. Hay! Ang hirap maging magulang!) I'm just so lucky to have been part of the Committee, given access to this milestone, while reminding myself not to act like a stalker.

The journey has just begun. I'm sure there will be more blog entries about my adventures (and misadventures) as Mom to a teenager and soon-to-be adult. Abangan!

I hope you had an awesome time, my big baby girl, enough to say that your Prom was a total blast and is something you'll remember for a very very long time.


  1. I am dreading the day that my girl will hit her teens...! :p Congrats to the prom-mom :)

    1. I used to feel that way. But now that I've gotten to this point, it's also exciting din pala :) When that time comes I can give you tips hehehe.