Friday, February 22, 2013

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

Thank God, it's Friday!

I know it sounds strange, coming from a stay at home Mom of 2 1/2 years. But I do look forward to the weekends still. When the kids are in school the whole day, I miss having them around the house. Weekends mean we're complete and the house is alive! I don't mind the noise and the occasional chaos (aka arguing and fighting), as long as I know the kids are home. 

This is really my idea of quiet and relaxing. Another strange thing to say? How can it be quiet and relaxing when the kids are around? To me, simply knowing that my kids are within hearing distance, may not exactly be quiet but it's definitely relaxing. More relaxing than knowing they're out there and I can't be with them when they need me. Obsessed, hahaha. I sound like an obsessed, clingy, overprotective, psychotic Mom! 

And speaking of obsessions, I've been really into environmentally-friendly stuff. Even before my breast cancer diagnosis, I already developed that conscious effort to do my share and show some love to Mother Earth. Especially with two growing kids, I'm totally into doing what I can to try and make the world a safer place for them. The breast cancer diagnosis intensified this obsession even more. I'm in recovery and therefore, a lifestyle change is a MUST. Apart from looking into my diet, I also have to make sure my surroundings are clean all the time. I've noticed how through the years, my daughters' allergic rhinitis have gotten worse. It's really the current state of the environment that's to blame for this. As such, I have looked into many things other than the usual medications to address this issue. It is so important to me that our home is as clean as can be all the time (errrr, Lysol is my BFF of all time). I've really been considering hiring a team of cleaning people to do the job regularly, especially on our mattresses and couches. But on second thought, I also don't feel so comfortable about allowing people I don't know into the house. N and I have had a vacuum cleaner for sometime now but it really is such a pain to use --- to the ears. In fact, you can hardly get anything else done when the helpers are using it. Can't watch TV, can't talk on the phone. Heck, we can't even talk to each other! 

I truly appreciate companies and commercial brands who give so much value to saving the environment, by coming up with products that are eco-friendly. Like Electrolux. Take a look at these.

Between these two though, and based on what I've said so far, you can already guess which product I want more. The vacuum cleaner's overall look is also so aesthetically-pleasing. Black and green are two of my favorite colors hee hee! I can really picture having this around the house.

Now I'm going through Electrolux's website to see what else they have! The brand has been around for years so I know I can trust them with my needs.

Those of you who are on Twitter can also follow Electrolux Philippines

Thank you, Electrolux, for being a fan of environmental protection! You rock! 

P.S. This is actually a contest. If you're a Nuffnanger like me, you can join it too and win one of the really cool prizes at stake! 

Check out the mechanics HERE

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