Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekend Pampering

Since I discovered the neighbourhood salon a couple of weeks ago, I had been wanting to go back with the girls. Anissa needed to have stuff done in preparation for prom and Sabine's bangs have been desperate for a trim. Last Sunday was the perfect time, plus Mama was in our house the whole day. 

I made an appointment for all of us and at 4pm we showed up and they got busy. I swear, this salon is a heavenly convenience for me. I can't believe it's taken me all this time to discover it, when it's a mere 10 minutes from where I've lived the past 17 years. 

This time, however, I opted to bring one of my own bottles of nail polish. From OPI's South Beach Collection, this is On Collins Avenue

It's a really bright orange-red shade, but more orange than red. I like it because it stands out without necessarily calling too much attention to my nails. I'm so glad I bought my own bottle. 

And that's how we girls spent our lazy Sunday afternoon without breaking the bank. 

I miss having work done on my hair. I know, I know. Soon.

1 comment:

  1. You have made my weekend. Its an awesome thing to apply to your nail to give them the different shades.this is awesome.