Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Growing Old's A B*tch and more

The last time I weighed myself at the doctor's, I was around 115 lbs. If I think about it, this ain't bad, considering I had always wished to be at least 100 lbs. when I was still in college and looked like a stick. 115 lbs is also not bad given my height of around 5 feet and 3 inches. In fact, if you check this website, it will tell you that the perfect weight for my height IS IN FACT 115 lbs. 

So why do I want to lose weight? It's 'cause whenever I gain weight, it always shows on my face. Okay so it also shows in other parts of my body but those parts I can conceal. My face? I can't go around wearing a brown bag over my head. It's also why people are quick to notice the weight gain. "Uy, you're gaining weight!", "Tumataba ka ng konti ha?", "May laman ka na!"

Just look at my Blogger profile photo to see how small my face was last year, around November. Then look at it today. If you don't see the difference, then it must be the angle hahaha. This is the photo that I use on my Twitter and Instagram accounts, because I think my face isn't too bloated here. I have photos which I think should be in the Recycle Bin because I look like I had just given birth. Angle, angle, angle. Angle is really everything!

And so is being young. Sigh. I can't deny that all these changes I've been seeing in my physical being are largely brought about by age. There are other factors, too, such as the fact that I quit smoking in September 2012. I haven't heard of anyone who kicked the habit and didn't gain some pounds. I also began to pack in a few more around halfway through chemo. I was tempted to complain sometimes, but had to stop and think. While it was not a common reaction to chemo, I had to be careful not to rant about it because other chemo patients would've loved to be in my shoes. I had to be a good girl. 

All things considered, there has to be ONE culprit, don't you think? Chemo is temporary, in fact, it's over. The after-effects of quitting smoking can't possibly last forever. So yes, I am not proud to say it but it's the truth ... AGE is to blame. My metabolism is slower because I'm older. My energy level isn't what it used to be, too. My appetite is the same as always (high up there on the enthusiasm scale) but I don't move around as much. 

There you have it, ladies and ladies. Is this downhill from now on? I have the lousiest exercise regimen ... NONE. I also have very little will power. In other words, I really should stop complaining about looking like I had just given birth, if I'm not going to do anything about it. Nodding your heads, I am sure! 

As soon as I get full clearance from my Onco, I'm going to get into something. A dance class, not something that involves lifting heavy stuff because that's just not me. She says I can start now, but something light muna. What's light dancing and who offers that? For starters, when my legs are feeling a lot less Lola-ish (they still do), I'll start those early morning and early evening walks again. In fact, I'm kinda looking at trainers now. They are so frigging expensive though! That's coming from someone who's never bought anything Nike except the styles that you use to make porma. 

I saw this in a Nike display window in Eastwood last week and I think it's cute. Is that even a proper thing to say about a pair of trainers? Hahaha. Whatever. 

It's mid-week! Hang in there til Friday!

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