Thursday, April 25, 2013

How sweet it is!

When you have a 17 year old who has friends and activities left and right, it's pretty difficult. Moms (or parents for that matter) always don't measure up to friends on the "likability" scale. Neither do little sisters. For about a couple of years now, it's been me and Sabine "against the world" while Ate Anissa continues to discover the world out there. 

So when I was asked, along with other #SoMoms, to join a Mommy and Me Cupcake Making Activity at Cupcakes By Sonja's, I silently squealed victory! Anissa has loved Sonja's cupcakes since the shop opened first in Serendra. There was no doubt in my mind that she would want to go with me. Sabine, on the other hand, would come even if I told her I was going to explore Pluto.

You can check these previous entries here and here to see how much my family loves sweets, particularly cupcakes and the ones from Cupcakes by Sonja's. Until now, we've had to go to Serendra (not too near to us) just to buy them. Every time I have a reason to go there without the kids, Anissa would remind me to grab a few of her favorites from Sonja's shop. If there were times I went home without some, I surely didn't hear the end of it from her. Unfortunately, the little one got sick the weekend prior to the event, I had no choice but to leave her at home. It was bonding time for me and the teenager who doesn't really like hanging out with me hihi.

As soon as we arrived and were done saying hello to all the other #SoMoms in attendance, we immediately got down to business. Errrrmmm ... Anissa did hihi. I have ZERO talent in the art department, so I chose to take a step back, be Mamarazzi and cheerleader instead. 

1st activity : How to create frosting colors

Anissa wanted purple frosting.

Then the huge tray of assorted toppings came and at this point I thought, Sabine would be in heaven by now!

But this was my favorite topping of them all. Need you ask? 

So focused on making those cupcakes and cookies

After all the work ... here's what she came up with

She really IS good with her hands.

It was one activity after another that everyone enjoyed. I can still hear the kids shrieking with delight while they were designing and creating their work.

Hey, Basti! Smile naman! Basti is the adorable son of Eli, ThePaintersWife

Here's ManilaMommy Neva's first born, David, busy decorating his cookie

Yukie who sat in front of us with Mom Cai of ApplesandDumplings .

And here they all are with Tita Sonja, minus my big girl (literally).
From L-R : Yukie, Naima, Berry, Mika, Sam, Basti, David and Sonja of course.

Because the kids were so happy, the #SoMoms were too!

The best part? Making all those cupcakes with her PLUS bringing them all home. Wheeee!

Thank you, Cupcakes by Sonja, for a lovely time!!!

Today, Cupcakes by Sonja is baking something new, something even better. With the opening of its newest store at the second floor Bridgeway of Glorietta 2, Cupcakes by Sonja’s fondness for nostalgic elements is given a fresh contemporary twist. The store counter, which is fashioned out of textured tin and decorated with charming calligraphy, is at the center of the action. The refrigerated display is integrated into the counter but lighted accordingly to showcase Cupcakes by Sonja’s gourmet creations. The dining area features furniture of different heights, materials, and elements all coming together in quiet harmony. Mixed in this panoply of the nostalgic and the modern are a couple of quirky elements like a lighting fixture made of kitchen whisks. More stores are set to open within the year at Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Eastwood City, Greenhills, and TriNoma. Cupcakes by Sonja will also be offering new menu items developed with the same passion and commitment to quality and prepared with only the best ingredients as its other signature items.

Incidentally, Cupcakes by Sonja has an ongoing contest called Shoot and Share. You can click here to join. 

The new Cupcakes by Sonja store is located at the 2nd Floor, Bridgeway Glorietta 2, Ayala Center Makati. 

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