Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Mini Adventure - the tale of the cab ride and more

After being lazy for the most part of our Saturday, Sabine and I headed to Power Plant Mall at past 5pm. Our main objective was to go to the McDonald's branch there and submit her Kiddie Crew application form. She's been excited about the prospect of "working" in McDonald's! As soon as we got inside the mall, I first wanted to go to the ATM to make a withdrawal. 

AAACK!!! My wallet was nowhere inside my huge bag! I had forgotten it at home and it was the first time ever that it happened. N wasn't with us so I slightly panicked. It was just me, Sabine and the other yaya. I couldn't take the car to go home because I didn't have money to pay for parking. How pathetic hahaha! I usually have small bills and coins stored in a coin purse but alas, I left the coin purse at home in another bag. I was practically penniless! 

And then a lightbulb moment! The only option was to take a cab going home to get the wallet and take the same cab back to Power Plant so we can pay the driver. Thank God the house isn't too far from Rockwell and there was no traffic going to Makati from the house. I knew it wouldn't take us long to go home to grab my wallet. Yay!!! 

Luckily, the mall wasn't packed and there was no queue at the lone taxi stand. We were in a cab on our way home in no time. A hilarious thing happened almost as soon as we got in the cab. I noticed that Sabine was excited while we walked to the taxi stand. She eagerly pointed to the empty vehicle and said, "Mom! There's one! There's no one sitting inside!".  And then as we sat there, barely 2 minutes away from where we got in, she proudly declared in her loudest voice, "Mom!!! This is my first time to ride a taxi in the Philippines! I've done it in HK, in Singapore ... ". I had to shush her before she could finish that sentence! I felt embarrassed and at the same time amused at how innocent it all was. It was true, she wasn't lying. She had never been in a cab here before this. It was so new to her and she was only too thrilled to be able to say she had finally done it. 

She was so excited, she didn't make any of her famous funny or weird faces when I took this photo. I think she was smiling the whole time and felt bad when we finally returned to the mall and had to get off. Hahaha. She is soooooo cute! Hay grabe. I'm laughing at it now but while it was all happening, I remember trying so hard to act calm because Sabine is extremely panicky by nature. She was starting to get scared and I didn't want to add to that. I felt so relieved once we got back! 

After signing her up for the McDonald's Kiddie Crew program, we found ourselves hungry. Yeah, I guess from the mini adventure we just had. As expected, when I asked Sabine what she wanted to eat, she pointed to her favorite restaurant in Power Plant --- Kaya. 

Reason being?  She just LOVES spinach and bean sprouts. Strange for a 6-year old, right? 
But she really does. In fact, she just had these and an order of Kalbi Gui, which she fondly refers to as "steak". 

I felt the need to go for something different so I went for this ... Soondubuchigae or Spicy Soft Tofu Soup (w/ seafood, as you can see). Major major mistake! Oplan No Rice failed again. You cannot eat this without rice. It's just not possible. That's 3 days in a row now. I think I should just give it up. Ugh. 

Before I conclude this post, I would just like to say ... 

... that I love this old shirt! 

It's been hanging in my closet, not getting any attention at all. I bought it in Uniqlo (Singapore) sometime in 2010 during a business trip, along with a couple others in different colors. This was a work shirt. It still is, except that I no longer work hihihi. I don't know why it took me so long to use it again but I'm so happy it still fits and I didn't force it. (I was checking out some Mercury cases for the iPhone 5 inside Vertex on the 3rd level)

Top : Uniqlo
Bottom : Cotton shorts from Cotton On
Shoes : Yosi Samra
Bandana : Headware (Travel Club)
Bag : Goyard St. Louis 

How was your Saturday?

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