Friday, April 12, 2013

Late Post : BYS Make Up 101 Workshop

Eeeeeek! Late post nanaman! Sorry, I blame it on my "here today, gone tomorrow" hard drive which I really really need to replace very soon, if it doesn't get its act together.

If you've been reading my blog entries for quite sometime now, what's my favorite kind of cosmetic? What? What? It's lipstick! What's my least favorite? Eyeshadow! It's 'cause I'm not talented in this department, except for the eyebrows because I had to learn to do them when I was young. Anyway, I do appreciate make-up, I'm just not a junkie. 

I recently got invited by the SoMoms (what an honor!) to BYS Philippines' Make Up 101 event which I gladly went to without hesitation. I am so glad I accepted!

I failed to take a photo of my own invite so I stole these from Jackie hee hee! 

The kabuki brush is one of the best I've tried (not that I've tried a hoard of them) because it's really soft and fluffy yet picks up pigments quite well. This brush has earned a place in my make-up kit that goes with me everywhere. 

Look at how late this post is hehe!

So anyway, here are my own photos, taken on that really fun and noisy day

You can tell it was a hands-on thing? We each had our own "dresser" and train case for the entire session. So well-prepared. 

What was inside the train case. Lots of interesting things to try out. 

I'm never without powder and blush, just the basic stuff for me. I was excited to give these a try.

As expected, the Medium is my shade in the Matte Foundation. I've since given this bottle to Anissa because she needs it more during her dance performances and we happen to have the same skin tone, more or less. But I was able to use it once or twice and I was happy with the finish. 

Another BYS product I really ended up loving after the session was this --- their slanted brow pencil. I zeroed in on the Brown shade for myself when I bought my own at the BYS make-up counter in SM. 

What color is not here? This palette can very well be the only one in my stash, since I don't wear shadow everyday. I've seen this at their make up counter and it costs less than P1,000. Value for money!

A shot of the front row. Just look at how involved everyone was. It was really so much fun. 

Beauty blogger, Lee Shen Gee of Shen's Addictions was there to share her expertise

Here I am with Shen, Michelle of MyMomFriday and Jackie of GoJackieGo!

Aside from added knowledge, a desire to run to SM Dept Store to grab more BYS cosmetics (haha!) and fun memories, I also went home with this loot

Lotsa yummy stuff in there! 

Thank you BYS Philippines, for an enjoyable and insightful morning! 

Here's more about this new kid on the cosmetic block :

BYS is the most exiciting, fun and fashionable cosmetic brand in the market today. It was established in 2004 in Australia. And today, it is found in over 30 countries worldwide.  In the UK, France, South Africa, parts of the Asia and Middle East, and Japan, its largest market outside of Australia
We also boast of having the largest range of nail polish. Currently, we have over 400 shades and variants such as Scented, Glow in The Dark, Magnetic, UV, Mirrorized, platinum, grafitti, mardigras, the list goes on and on.
This constant flow of new products keeps the brand exciting and has largely contributed to its growth worldwide.
In just a few months, we already have numerous clients who regularly check out our counters for new product lines, and color trends
BYS is not only limited for the young and fashion conscious.
BYS also satisfies women who are looking for basic colors, nude colors.
For women who are looking for organic products. BYS has a wide range of organic products called BYS MINERALS NATURALE. This whole range of mineral products are formulated with ALL natural ingredients and is free of chemicals, dyes and preservatives.
BYS puts product safety above anything else. Its products passes the US FDA, European Union and Japanese safety standards. Its extensive range allows women of all race and color to do the same. It truly is for anyone and everyone who wants to look good.
BYS is currently available in 33 SM and Watson’s outlets in Metro Manila and a few key cities. By the end of the year, we are aiming for 50 outlets nationwide.
BYS stands for Be YourSelf. We are confident that brand will give Filipinas the freedom to be who they are, and be who they aspire to be.
It’s all about affordable beauty. 

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