Friday, April 12, 2013

Sabine's 7th : The Invitation

I am so blessed to have a planner helping me out with all the preps. That's why I'm not extremely stressed out and harassed. To date, the only things I haven't bought are the prizes for the games. But that's easy peasy. The more major details are more or less ironed out. 

To show you a little more about what the theme of this party will be, here's a final copy of the invitation : 

So again, I didn't go for a character-based theme. I really love how all the colors have blended well. The main colors are pastel pink and pastel blue but the touch of yellow was a welcome addition. Yellow IS my favorite color after all! 

The French Patisserie is an idea I got when I decided to look into having a dessert station. I'm glad I explored it. The planner's sister is into dessert stations. I ended up getting her so that the sisters could work side by side and I can be assured they'll do a good job because they're so used to each other.

I've been staring at this invitation since I received the copies in the mail. There's something about it that shouts GIRL! I also love buntings, that's why. 

The invite was designed and printed by PAPER TREATS. Contact Trisha via email at but not before you look at the Paper Treats Facebook page to see all the other pretty paper stuff Trisha can make for you. 

2 more weeks to our baby girl's party! 

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