Friday, April 19, 2013

My Girls : The Summer Celebrants

Anissa used to complain about her birthday being in March. She was never able to celebrate in school, and everytime she had a party (which was every year of the 1st ten years of her life as an only child and grand child), her classmates would be out of town or out of the country. The same goes for Sabine, although at 7 years old, she hasn't started complaining just yet. I wonder why I had to give birth in the summer twice? 

Anyway, it's mid-April, the girls' birthdays are over. Anissa didn't really want to do much when she turned 17. Other than a new phone to replace her iPhone 4S which kept giving her problems, she just wanted to treat her friends to pizza. 

It had to take a 36" Big Guys Pizza to make this hungry bunch of dancers happy

The pizza party took place right after dance training. Friends surprised her with a cake awwww!

At 17, she is happiest when in the company of people her age. Sniff sniff! Sad but true. I was a teenager once so I know. But there's a difference because we're generations apart. Don't let me get into that right now! 

Note : Next year will be a whole different story. She'll be 18 and as early as now has told her Dad and I that she wants a party. Not your traditional formal, coming-out thing, but a party nonetheless. 

In contrast, here's what my little girl told me recently : "Mom, I just want to be with you all the time!"

Yesterday, we took her out to see The Croods and to play in Time Zone while killing time. She knows that she's having a party in 2 weeks, but we just couldn't let the actual day pass without doing anything. Thankfully, this kid still knows how to have shallow fun. She told us days before that she wanted to watch The Croods and I prayed so hard it would still be in the cinemas yesterday. It was! 

Giddy giddy in the car on the way to Glorietta
Dada took her to Time Zone while Ate and I sat in Starbucks
Who got 350 tickets in one tap? Ate was the lucky tapper!
Before the movie, she shopped for her favorite Cheese-flavored popcorn
She wanted pizza. Her wish was our command. Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen in Greenbelt 5, even if my tummy wanted to try Bulgogi Brothers hihihi. 
Happy 7th, Sabine!!! 
So yes, summer is always an expensive but happy time for us. It will be even more so next year when Anissa graduates from high school AND turns 18! 

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