Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sige Lang ng Sige! - a fun filled day with the SoMoms and Breeze

You can just imagine how thrilled I was upon being invited to this summer get-together last week. It was a holiday (Araw ng Kagitingan), Anissa didn't have anything dance-related to do that day and Sabine is forever attached to me anyway so off we went! Sadly, N had to stay behind to work and do something for Mama, so it was an all-girl thing we had. 

The event was the first #SoMoms #session for the summer. It was sponsored by no less than Breeze. 

My girls and I were early. I didn't want to be late and I didn't know what to expect traffic-wise because we are not Southerners hihihi. The drive to Nuvali was a breeze (no pun intended) though, that's why we got there in no time, even with a stopover for breakfast at Starbucks Magallanes. 

We had a quickie and casual photo session with Lawrence del Mundo (the camwhore -- that's me -- can't wait to see the photos!)

Pretty soon, Sabine got into the groove of things. My Masterpiece Movement, that's Teachers Anna and Kara, got the kids started on art and then yoga and music. My Oncologist says I should continue to take it easy so I didn't get into it like the other Moms did but I had fun sitting there and watching everyone, including my Sabine who was so into it. 

Soon after, came the super fun part --- getting dirty! I'm not sure I said that right or if I should laugh at my OC self for doing so. But it was so much fun just hanging loose and not really caring about making a mess! #sigesamantsa

 Teacher Kara took over and showed us all how much fun being dirty and messy can be. Spot the huge plastic sheet that she's sitting on and see what the kids are going to do with it in the succeeding photos.

And what we ended up with was this beautiful piece of art!

The requisite group photo, of course! 

Standing L-R : Jackie of GoJackieGo!, Belle of Cruisin'
Mommyhood, Janice of MommyMundo, Candy of Corporate Housewife Mom, ME, Tin of Manila Fashion Observer, Christine of Mommy Journey, Jenny of My Mommyology. On the floor L-R: Marc of The Fatherland, Eliza of The Painter's Wife, Teacher Anna, Kris of OcMom in Manila, Cai of Apples and Dumplings, Teacher Kara and all our dirty, happy kids with their stained hands and clothes!

Am honored to have been part of this happy and fun day with all these wonderful mothers and their equally wonderful children. The #sigemom and her #sigekids absolutely enjoyed every minute! #sigesamantsa


May I just say I was kilig to have brought home this huge pack of detergent?!  Yayay was so happy when she saw this! 

Thank you, Breeze! Thank you, SoMoms! Super looking forward to next time because ang sarap maging #sigemoms with our #sigekids!!! 


  1. Hello Patty! My God!! You got me hooked up! I was blog hoping and it's too late to realize that I got stock on your site. I started 11 PM and till now I am reading yours.

    You are such a brave daddy's girl! You are an inspiration as well as your entries! I would love to stay here for a more couple of hours and will be reading all your post.

    I've followed a lot of bloggers but yours is different. I can feel the sincerity of each words coming from you and I just love that!

    Hope you can visit me sometime!

    God bless you always!May HE heal you totally! Regards to N and the kids!

    1. Hi, Joan! First of all, thank you for the kind thoughts and for dropping by. Happy to know that my blog doesn't just contain NONSTOPBABBLE hehehe. Thank you thank you again! See you around :)