Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, dearest Mama!

Everyday I pray for your protection and good health, so that I can repay you in this lifetime for every little sacrifice you've made for me. Thank you for always caring for others before yourself, for the love and support you generously shower us with (most especially the kids), for your unending prayers. I'm truly grateful beyond words for you. Your birthday this year may be bittersweet, but I thank the good Lord for His goodness and for giving us reason to celebrate. 

My heart overflows with love, respect and admiration for you!

Happy happy birthday with all my love!!!

This photo was taken on my 44th birthday in November last year. I had just started chemo the month before, just one cycle done as of this time. I hadn't gained all the weight yet. I want to lose some of this weight!!! 

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