Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sabine's 7th : Other Printed Matters

Just 2 more sleeps before the party. The birthday girl's excitement is building up. Last night, she jumped  up and down and danced around when I reminded her about Sunday. I'm wrapping up discussions with my party planner today, and making sure everything is all set for the big day. I want Saturday to be steady and relaxed (meaning, it will be mani-pedi-footspa day!) so I can wake up fresh and excited the next day. 

Other than the invitation, I also asked Trisha of Paper Treats to do these for me: 

Sticker Labels for the loot bags
Buntings for the Dessert Station
Menu Cards for the main buffet set-up and the Dessert Station

Other details : 

Loot bags - I didn't have to worry about them or their contents because the person providing the Dessert Station included these in her package. The kids (and most likely, some of the grown-ups) will be allowed to choose their take away loot and pack them in their own bags. Anissa says it's a really cool idea and her friends will surely jump at the chance. These are 16-17 year olds we're talking about haha!

Game Prizes - There should be no doubt about where to get these. I went to Divisoria recently after 2 long years and found myself in wholesale heaven yet again. Although the traffic going there and going home was awful, it was absolutely hassle-free the moment I arrived. I got off at Lucky Chinatown Mall (upon the advice of a lot of people) and asked the driver to just park there and wait for me. The short walk from the mall's back entrance/exit to 168 Mall was a relief. I was afraid I'd have to walk in the heat for a while but I didn't. I left around 3 hours later with way more than what the party planner told me to get hihihi. It's that easy to get carried away in that place. 

Everything else - the styling and decorations, caterer (I can't go wrong with Verleo, can I?), entertainment (Jive --- so excited to have them!) - is included in the party planner's package.

By the way, I haven't disclosed who my party planner is pala! She's heaven sent and I'm going to write a separate supplier review. Her business is called Let's Party. If you're curious, check her out here. Olive is so nice and we hit it off right away. Her sister, Kris, owns Design Avenue and will do the dessert station (styling included). Both girls are so excited to execute their ideas on Sunday. I have to stop talking about them now. They deserve a more detailed entry of their own. Same goes for Paper Treats!

Well, I guess that's it for now. For now??? I'm hoping I've covered everything and on Sunday, all I have to do is show up and give our little girl and our guests a great time. It's going to be a super happy day and I'm sure of it! 

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