Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hello, ME Time!

Yesterday should have been called ME day. It started out by having brunch with some fellow Pink Warriors, most of whom I was meeting for the first time (will write about it in Blog #2). What an insightful and fun get-together it was!

Then in the evening, it was dinner with a much smaller group, this time with my co-parents from school. It was really casual, mostly noisy from all the story-telling and laughing!

When girls (single or otherwise) get together, it's always an interesting time. The conversation topics can be anything under the sun --- or in our case last night, the moon. Since we were all Moms and our kids all go to the same school and are the same age, it was so easy to relate to each others' stories. You can be sure some R-18 topics were included HAHAHA. Don't tell me you don't talk about these things when you're with your girlfriends?! 

We were all in agreement that we need to get away from family sometimes, just to recoup, recharge, rejuvenate ... whatever it is you want to call it. Whether you're a Stay at Home Mom or a working Mom, it doesn't matter. We all need some alone time every now and then. Sometimes I like being alone literally. Other times like last night, I want to be with friends so we can all let it out and hang loose (and yes, complain about things we can't discuss at home hihihi). 

When I'm alone, I usually go to the salon to get a mani-pedi, a foot spa or a massage. When I was working full time, shopping was also a favorite ME time past time. On rare occasions when I'm too lazy to walk around, an hour or two in a Starbucks branch with a good book will do. Whatever kind of activity I choose to engage in, being able to do it really helps me get my bearings back.

I'm so thankful for yesterday, even if I missed being lazy with my kids at home. There's plenty of time this summer to do that. 

Lastly, I tried my best and succeeded at not having anything unhealthy to eat (we all gathered in Balducci, Serendra). This was not on their menu but I wanted my favorite pasta of all time --- Aglio E Olio --- but asked them to add mushrooms for a bit of excitement. Looks good? It WAS good! I finished 3/4 of the entire order!

Here's the funny part though ... whenever I'm in Serendra or the Boni High area, I always have to pass by Sonja's Cupcakes. This is Anissa's favorite cupcake place and whatever she wants, the little sister wants, too. I knew I was going to give in because the sweet tooth runs in the family. It was around 11pm when we all headed to Sonja's but they still had this much cupcakes on display. How on earth was I supposed to resist? I have lousy will power.

One look at my favorite among all of Sonja's variants (Vanilla Sunshine, especially the one with the pink icing) and whatever little will power I had disappeared. POOF! Other than Anissa's bilins (Creme Brulee, Flourless Chocolate, Red Velvet chuchuchu...) I ended up grabbing a couple of these babies for myself. This, after I previously blogged about weight gain and growing old. There goes my credibility too. LOL!!!

Never mind, I'm thinking it was ME day and I was entitled to whatever I wanted to do or eat. 

And speaking of eating, there's more of that happening later over lunch with other Mommy bloggers. 


Happy Thursday, y'all!

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