Thursday, April 4, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons

 How would you continue the statement?

I think the best way is still the original way : MAKE LEMONADE

One of the lemons I've been given on this journey is hair loss. It's been a load to deal with, psychologically and emotionally. The physical part is a given. Although I don't cry everytime I look at myself in the mirror (I only did once, I think, and for my self-imposed maximum of 10 minutes), but it does give you that feeling of sadness and it's the kind of sight that makes you sigh a little.

Who wouldn't react this way? You have a hairless head, no eyebrows, no eyelashes --- to start with! But yes, when life gives you lemons, you MUST try your best to make lemonades. It's the best way to get even!

And speaking of eyelashes, this was probably the hardest for me to address, because I was never an expert with false lashes. The few times I had to use them, it was the stylist at the salon who applied them to my lids. One of my best friends gifted me with a set from Benefit on my birthday last year, because she knew I'd need them. It took a while before I started using them because I was too intimidated. And when I did decide to open the box and try them on, it took me more than half an hour to get it right. HAHAHA!

Today, while waiting for my real lashes to grow back (no trace of growth yet 6 weeks after last chemo cycle), I can't say I'm already an expert, but I'm definitely more at ease. I just bought my 3rd pair of falsies at Beauty Bar last weekend (with Anissa's approval). Not bad for around P200 (no adhesive included). 

I chose this over all the others because I wanted the most natural-looking ones

I had to blur other parts of this photo because the rest of my face wasn't camera-ready yet hee hee!

 Up close ... just to show you how fine and natural the lashes are. And as you can see, my eyebrows are also still on vacation. Thank God I've been drawing my eyebrows for as long as I can remember, I can do it in my sleep!

You hardly see them in this photo but I still see a difference between this look and when I'm not wearing false lashes at all. So my verdict is ... if you don't like to call too much attention to your eyes, or if you're going out in the daytime and will be doing regular stuff, then this pair is a good choice. That's because they don't offer much drama, just the right kind of impact. 

I got these from The Beauty Bar (Eastwood Mall branch) but it's also available in our Beauty Bar branches. Now let's see how much longer I have to use them. Can't wait for all my natural hair to come back!

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