Monday, April 15, 2013

New World Makati's Unlimited Yum Cha

Dim sum lovers are in for a daily mid-day treat until May 31, 2013. New World Makati Hotel's fine Cantonese restaurant, Jasmine, is featuring unlimited servings of freshly prepared dim sum, handmade by the resident expert Chef Wong and his talented crew. Have a fill of sweet and savory steamed buns, succulent dumplings, crispy fried spring rolls, and baked delights, plus a choice of tea or soda for P660  nett per person. On the weekend, diners can opt to indulge and match the dim sum feast with a glass of sparkling wine for a total of P950 nett per person. 

JASMINE is what the Chinese restaurant at New World Makati is called. New World Makati is the former New World Renaissance, which is the former New World Hotel. Whew. Did you get that? The last time I was there, the restaurant was still called Emperor Court. 

Nini Icban, Director of Communications of New World Makati was our lunch hostess. It was such a satisfying, enjoyable experience --- one the SoMoms would like to have a repeat of very very soon!

And why? It's 'cause the per head charge for this particular promotion is --- are you ready to fall off your seat? Only P660 NETT. Yes, that's over P600 ONLY for unlimited amounts of dim sum. Unbeatable.

Pretty place settings

Not a tea drinker (coffee, yes) but their Jasmine Tea? I had several rounds of it. 

That huge lighting fixture right above our table which was so hard to miss. 

The special menu prepared just for us by their Cantonese chefs

 I took this photo to show y'all what a feast we all had!

Spinach Dumplings 

Your ever present Har Gao or shrimp dumpling

Shredded Radish Puff --- I liked this because I love radish

Pan Fried Chicken Bun --- another one I really liked. Lightly-toasted and crunchy.

Pork and Vegetable Dumpling

Other than the dimsum, we were also treated to these delicious specialities of the Chef. We were in for a much bigger gastronomic ride and we weren't even aware of it!

Cod Fish, Ginger and Leeks --- OMG the fish was soooo tender! 

Bai Ling Mushrooms, Shrimp Mousse, White Sauce --- I love anything shrimp so this rated high with me, too

Wok Fried Beef Tenderloin, ginger, green peppercorn, spring onions --- Melt in your mouth beef!

I don't know why I even thought of skipping rice starting yesterday, when I knew I was going to have Chinese food. So naturally, that plan failed MISERABLY. 

 Fried Rice with Seafood, topped with Scallop Flakes --- I think I invented that name haha but those are all the ingredients in the dish hee hee!

Dessert was my favorite!

Mango Cream, Pearl Tapioca and Walnut Cookies

Towards, the end of our meal the two Chef Wongs made an appearance so we could meet and personally thank them for all the delicious food we just enjoyed.

The Unlimited Yum Cha promo of New World Makati is ongoing until May 31, 2013. You can avail of it daily during LUNCH. Again, the per head rate is only P660 Nett, and a glass of soda is already included in the price. If you feel like having champagne instead of soda, the price changes to P950 Nett.

You all still have plenty of time to catch this really great offer but I really wouldn't wait too long. I'm
still dreaming of everything we ate and already thinking of going back.

Call New World Makati at 811 6888 local 3338 for more information or to reserve a table.


  1. ang saraaaap!! best part of the lunch though was finally meeting you in person patty! :D

    1. Awwww thank you and yes, sa wakas nag meet na rin tayo! :D See you again soon, Neva! :D