Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday (in heaven), Daddy

I no longer cry everyday but it doesn't mean I miss you less.

I miss you every morning when I realize there's no first text of the day from you.
I miss you all throughout the day because no one calls at least 3x to check on the girls.
I miss you at night because no one calls to say good night. 
I miss you on weekends because Sunday Family Style is no longer the same without you.

I miss you EVEN MORE today because we'll be celebrating your birthday without you for the first time ever. This is how it's going to be from now on. 

I'm sad and my insides ache because I want to hug you and give you a birthday kiss but I can't. You'll get one from God, which is certainly better than a hug from any of us. 

One day, I'll make up for all the lost time and hug you 'til it hurts.

Happy Birthday, Daddy. I miss you everyday. We all do. 
I love you. Always. Forever.

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