Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Found The Perfect Wedges

This isn't my first pair of shoes from Gold Dot. Check out this entry. These flats have been worn over and over, not just by me but also by Anissa who sometimes can still fit into my shoes. Quality-wise, I really can't complain. It's still around and I can go for it anytime. 

These wedges are my 2nd pair, they're called Jamie. I didn't go into a debate with myself about what color to choose, even if there are 4!

There's also white but the photo is no longer in the online store. Probably sold out. I wouldn't be surprised because since the day they were delivered to me late last week, I've used mine about thrice already. Sunday, the first time I walked in them, I went to 2 malls : Mega and Eastwood, and my feet didn't give up! To think, I've been complaining about having Lola Legs the past 6 weeks or so. My legs didn't feel as tired as they used to. I fell in love with Jamie as soon as I slipped my feet into the sandals. 

The foot bed is soft, the wedge height is just right at around 3.5". I'm seeing too many pretty shoes but with really scary heels, too scary for a 44-year old to even consider wearing. I'm surely going to wobble in them. No longer what I used to be hihihi. 

Believe it or not, I've been ditching my Yosi Samras for this pair from Gold Dot. Ever since my legs have been feeling the after-effects of chemotherapy, I've settled more for flats. My heeled shoes are so sad, they're neglected. This is a really happy, soon-to-be overused pair though. So nice when you're wearing red nail polish too diba??? I'm so in love with it, I'm actually thinking of getting a back-up pair. Thinking lang! :))

There really is something about ankle-strapped shoes that make you feel sexy and your legs actually LOOK sexy. Plus here's why I it's easy to consider getting another pair : it only costs P1,295. Mine certainly doesn't feel like I paid only this much for them. 

Kudos, Gold Dot!!! 

Click on this to go directly to Gold Dot's online store. 

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