Monday, April 8, 2013

What I've Been Busy With - a party in the works!

I should've gotten into the swing of things last year. But y'all know what I had to go through and prioritize. Now that that chapter is closed, I finally got into party planning mode for my little girl's forthcoming SEVENTH birthday. My skills are so rusty because the last time I did this was in 2007 when she turned 1 and big sis turned 10. We threw them a joint birthday party and I didn't hire a party planner because I wanted to try to do things by myself.

Flashback/backgrounder : Anissa was an only child and grandchild for 10 years so we threw her a party every year with the works. I was a busy career woman back then and it was so typical of me to just hire somebody to execute all my ideas. 

This time, I have to work with a party planner again, simply because I'm doing things at the last minute and I need that extra pair of hands to help me out. I'll tell you more about this person later on. Suffice it to say, our meeting each other was definitely not by chance. God is good! :) 

Anyway ... for starters, I decided not to take the character route for the theme of this party. Sabine would've liked either Hello Kitty or Lalaloopsy. But I wanted to do things differently this time so I thought of a color theme. It didn't take long for me to decide on the colors pink and blue. In pastel shades, not the bold bright ones. My Sabine is so girly girl, that's why. Later on, it evolved to this whole shabby chic cum French patisserie idea. Here's something my party planner sent to me as a peg, not just for the dessert station but for the party in general 

I know that this isn't exactly a unique theme. I've seen many photos of parties done this way. But I'm extremely excited about using it because it really fits Sabine's personality. She likes everything pretty --- who doesn't?  Pink is her favorite color and I've always loved the pink and blue combination. Also, did I say how much she loves sweets? So the patisserie idea is also a hit with her. 

I can't wait to share more of the party details! 

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