Sunday, April 14, 2013

Summer Lips by NYX

I've added one more name to my list of NYX soft matte lip cream shades that I buy over and over again: MILAN. The other shades that preceded this new kid on the block are Amsterdam, Sao Paolo (but San Paolo on the label), Addis Ababa. 

Among the shades mentioned, my go-to shade has always been Sao Paolo but sorry, I need to park you for a bit in favor of this

Please don't mind the bloated cheeks. I'm still hoping they're really bloated and not fat. Those are two different things. Anyway ... why am I choosing this over my go-to shade for more than a year now? Because it's summer and this light pink shade is LOVE. I love that it's subdued and perfect even for when I just have to grab something quickly from the grocery or go to the bank to transact. 

Even Sabine --- who incidentally loves make up --- agrees that this shade suits me. Thank you, baby girl, you sure have good taste! 

As always, I got this from Sol of Digital Traincase (look for them in Multiply and Facebook). 

P.S. I'm wearing Maybelline Gel Liner here. I've been using it for 4 days now, ever since Mama gave it to me and I'm really impressed. It's soooo easy to use and stays put the whole time even on oily lids like mine (hahaha tamad to review!).  

Blessings on this Sunday! 

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